Selasa, 26 Januari 2016

How to Make Creative Choices With Your Skull Rings?

Now, you want to give yourself a bad ass look. Truly, skull rings will add a new element to your getup. Before you purchase the rings, you might consider getting some information about them and how they can improve your tough look. This is very important as you might be choosing skull rings that are different from the type of look you want to project. In addition to that, you should know the quality of the rings. Do not be surprised that a lot of this jewelry around might be imitation.

Before going into the creative approach, it is better for you to know the quality of skull rings that you are getting. A lot of what is available online might not be of the quality that you are expecting to get. In order for you to do a quality check, here are some guidelines to help you make sure that you have best quality skull rings.

• The quality of etching. The first thing you have to do is to check the quality of etching. If observed carefully, those that are etched in the finest way will give you the quality you always wanted. Check the details of the etching. You can tell the difference between a quality one by the consistency of its etching. A machine-etched design will be better, but that does not mean that handicrafts are of a lesser quality. There are some handmade etches that are also of good quality.

• Find out what type of material the skull rings are made from. This is important as this can make a huge difference in quality, price and longevity. A fine grade of sterling silver will make a great ring. However, you have to make sure that you are getting the right silver. It should be lighter than stainless steel. Else, you might just be deceived by the looks of it.

• Lastly, you should consider the type of stones that will be put into it. Jade would be a perfect addition to skull rings. Always make sure that it is made of precious stones as this will add a different twist to your bad ass look.

For your creative, tough look, you have to choose skull rings that will stand out when you are in your tough outfit. First of all, the size of the skull will matter a lot. If you want to project that you are a notorious bad ass, a skull with a diameter of not more than a half of an inch will be the right one for you and it will be visible to anyone. Certainly, if you want to project something to others, size will make a difference.

The next thing to consider is the type of skull that you want on your skull ring. There are a number of types of skulls that you can choose from. You might want to make yourself look a little bit scary. For this, you can choose a horror-themed skull with snakes on it. This will truly give you a different type of look. In the same way, it will also project a different type of notoriety.

If you want to make it more stylish, you can also choose a gold-plated skull ring. This will give you an even more fascinating look and the appearance of a suave biker. Gold-plated skull rings will look fantastic with your leather jacket outfit and of course, it will add a special element to your tough look. However, these skull rings might be expensive. Although they might be more expensive, price should not matter, especially if you want to make a fashion statement.